Creating Production Pefection

We haven’t overlooked a single detail when furnishing Monocle Studios KY with not only the latest recording equipment, but also a comfortable space to fine tune your production.

Hi, I'm Jon Lawhon

As the bass player for Black Stone Cherry, I know what it takes to successfully produce music. Connect with me and let’s discuss how Monocle Studios KY can benefit your production.

Let's Get Started!

51 Microphones, Direct Boxes, Headphones, Monitors, Outboard Effects, Power Conditioning, Drums, Zildjian Cymbals.
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32 Channel Recording Console, Channel Strips, 32 Channel Digital Interface w/MOGAMI Cabling.
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PRO TOOLS 12, Waves Plugins, MAC PRO 12 CORE (with 64GIG RAM)
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A Glimpse Inside

Monocle Studios KY