Jon Lawhon
Black Stone Cherry

Originally hailing from Jacksonville, FL, Jon Lawhon got his start on the piano.

The School he attended unfortunately didn’t offer guitar lessons so he found his way from the ivories to the drums. Then, after finally getting adept at guitar, he found his way to bass!

However, he took to it immediately, studying the likes of Aerosmith’s Tom Hamilton and Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones before discovering Reggie Hamilton, Stu Hamm, and the renowned James Jamerson. Not only can he tear up the four-string, but he can bolt down a bombastic groove with the best of them.

Growing up with Robertson, Wells and Young he was there at the very beginning of Black Stone Cherry. To date, the band has notched three silver records in the UK; debut Self Titled “Black Stone Cherry” [2006], “Folklore and Superstition” [2008] and “Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea” [2011] and a platinum record for “Stay”, which Black Stone Cherry collectively wrote and country superstars Florida Georgia Line later re-recorded as a smash single. He’s been featured in publications including Classic Rock, Metal Hammer and Revolver. Some of his most triumphant moments with his brothers include winning Classic Rock Magazine’s award for Best New Band [2007], 2 headlining dates on the 2nd stage at the world famous Download Festival as well as 2 UK Arena headlining tours. Lawhon and his friends reach another creative apex on 2016’s Kentucky, and his driving bass work remains a crucial catalyst.

“I’m so proud of Kentucky,” he exclaims. “There are a lot of roots on the album, and it really represents what we can all do as individuals. I’ve always tried to play for the song, and I feel like these are the best tunes we’ve put out to date. All self produced, all Black Stone Cherry”.

Gear: Dean Basses, EMG Pickups, Ampeg Amps, EBS Pedals, Line 6 Helix Pedal Board.

Jon Lawhon Hillsboro bass